XW FA Xorn is a character in Xorn and Father of Xorn. He was born 33 years before the movie Xorn took place (right at the end of the Wine Wars), to Xorn and an unknown mother. He is known to be strong and a skilled swordsman, and it is possible that he is literate (he is able to read his father's name on his headstone). His posessions in Xorn include The Blade and the Medallion of Mystery.

Before XornEdit

Xorn was found by a resident of Xorn's village about 32 to 33 years before the movie took place, possibly by Yangar's father. He remained in the village for many years. At some point, he fell in love with Elfi.

During XornEdit

After Elfi is killed by Argon's forces, Xorn swears revenge on Argon. He tracks Argon across a desert before running into Kamil, who tells him to "seek the Blade". Xorn travels through the Forest of Thieves to the Mountain of Fear, where he obtains the Blade from the Guardian of the Blade before getting captured by Garnites. He, Kamil, and Gwen recruit the Garnites as allies in the War on Argon. They then recruit the Tangai as allies in the war. Xorn travels to kill Argon with the Blade. During the swordfight, Argon's assasin Secrus accidently kills him (he was aiming for Xorn). After the movie, Xorn and Gwen ride away together.

Between Xorn and Father of XornEdit

Little is known about this period in Xorn's life. He has a son four or five years later, Xorn, and lives with his son and probably Gwen on top of a mountain. Four years later, he leaves for Atorg for an unknown reason. He meets Kamil at some point before settling on top of a mountain.

During Father of XornEdit

Xorn only appears late in Father of Xorn, when his son, Kamil and Groc's sons appear, chasing Shardax to the top of his mountain, where there is a Seat of Command. Xorn joins the fight, and they successfully kill Shardax, but in his last moments, Shardax casts a spell on the younger Xorn, causing him to turn on his father. However, this spell is broken just in time.


Nothing is known about what Xorn does after the Xorn trilogy, but he probably lives with his son for another 15 to 25 years before dying.

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