XW UAThe War of Atorg was a war in Father of Xorn. It was essentially a revolution, with the inhabitants of Atorg rising up against the rule of the evil wizard Shardax.


Rebellion sideEdit

Commanders: Kamil(Killed in action) (Atorg rebels), Groc's sons(Killed in action) (Garnites)

Strength: 40,000 infantry, 5,000 cavalry, 6 snow monsters (Atorg rebels), 100 Garnites (Garnites)

Casualties: 19,000 infantry, 1,500 cavalry (Atorg rebels), 70 Garnites (Garnites)

Other sideEdit

Commanders: Shardax(Killed in action) (White Army), Jar (Killed in action) (Evil Tangai)

Strength: 80,000 infantry, 10,000 cavalry (Shardax), 20,000 cavalry (Evil Tangai)

Casualties: 76,000 infantry, 9,200 cavalry (Shardax), 18,000 cavalry (Evil Tangai)

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