XW FA The Tangai are a race of dark-skinned people in the Xorn universe. Their primary transportation is the Orfix (Tangai war horses that almost no one else can ride), and their primary weapons are spears. The Tangai live in Tangai country, a rolling grassland south of the Central Desert and west of the Forgotten Region. They were mute until at least 30 bX, but gained the power of speech before 0 bX.


The Tangai first formed under that name c. 10,000 to 8,000 bX. For thousands of years, they lived as nomads, but settled down and built the Underground City around 4200 bX, making it one of the oldest cities in the Xorn universe. The Tangai were decimated by Skeletön's first invasion, about 500 to 1000 years later. The race rose again by 2300 bX and proceeded to build a large empire hundreds of miles across. At the peak of the Tangai empire, around 480 bX, Gor I attempted to conquer the Forest of Thieves, but failed after 20 years of bloody fighting and surrendered. The Tangai realm gradually waned at this point, by 50 bX being almost as small as after Skeletön's invasion.

In 34 bX, a large army of Tangai traveled east to the Wine Lands to fight in the Wine Wars.

In 0 bX, the Tangai fought against Argon's forces in their own realm and won. There was peace for 20 years. Then, the Evil Tangai surfaced in a revolution in 21 to 22 aX, killing the Gai and scattering most Tangai. The Evil Tangai dissolved in 27 aX. By 50 to 75 aX the Tangai who were driven out returned to Tangai country. The Tangai kingdom eventually revived and continued for at least several hundred years.


The Tangai hate Garnites to some extent, but all the same fight with them in 0 bX. Tangai women are never seen in the Xorn trilogy, but they obviously exist.


The Gai is the leader of the Tangai. It is likely that the position is hereditary, although in some circumstances (possibly if a Gai dies childless), it is possible that there is some form of election (as evidenced by the line "The Tangai have chosen Groc as their new Gai. He will lead them well.").

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