XW GA The Sacred Riddle of the Panthai is a riddle given to prisoners of the Garnites. It is possible that the etymology of "Panthai" may refer to gods, as the riddle concerns gods and "Panthai" closely resembles "Pantheon".

The riddleEdit

The riddle goes "Which is the god most easily slain?". The answer is the God of life.


When a prisoner is about to be killed by the Garnites, they may shout the word "Cujonmora". A Garnite then shouts "Cumorjona", causing the wise man of the Garnites to deliver the riddle to the prisoner. If the prisoner guesses right, they are set free (although in Xorn, Orr attempts to rebel against this tradition). However, if the prisoner guesses wrong, then their death will be "infinitely more painful" than clubbing, the traditional method of Garnite execution. It is not known exactly how those who fail to guess the riddle are killed, although Kamil may know.

In XornEdit

The Sacred Riddle of the Panthai is asked to Kamil, Xorn (Xorn character), and Gwen in Xorn. Xorn answers it correctly.

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