This is a list of characters in Xorn.


Main article: Xorn (character) Xorn is the title character. He comes from a long line of people with the same name. In the first movie, he seeks the Blade to kill Argon. He succeeds in this mission. He also plays a role in Father of Xorn.


Main article: Kamil Kamil is a wizard. He was in the Wine Wars, and also was Xorn's mentor in Xorn. He led the rebels during the wars against Shardax in Atorg during Father of Xorn.


Main article: Gwen Gwen is a thief in the Forest of Thieves before becoming Xorn's lover in Xorn.


Main article: Groc Groc is the leader of the Garnites. He is in the war against Argon in Xorn and later becomes the Gai of the Tangai. He is slain some time before the events of Father of Xorn.


Main article: Argon Argon is a minor antagonist in Son of Xorn and the main antagonist in Xorn. He dies in Xorn.