XW FA Kamil (520 bX to 26 aX) is a wizard who appears in Son of Xorn, Father of Xorn, and Xorn. He is known for rarely or never giving a straight answer when asked a question. He also bears the same sacred sign that Gord does. He can ride the Orfix even though he is not a Tangai. He has a staff called the Staff of Kamil that is assembled by attaching its two pieces together. Judging by the assumed formula for a wizard's age, Kamil is physically around 70.

Early lifeEdit

Kamil was probably born around 520 bX. Being a wizard, he ages more slowly than normal humans. In the 400s, 300s, 200s, and 100s, he probably traveled extensively through the Xorn world.

In Son of XornEdit

Kamil fights in the Wine Wars. He is on the side that is attempting to slay Skeletön and get the Blade.

In XornEdit

Kamil meets Xorn near the western edge of the Forest of Thieves after the tornado occurs. He gives Xorn advice on his quest to kill Argon, telling him to "Seek the Blade." The part as Xorn enters the Forest of Thieves, but meet again near the Mountain of Fear. The part ways again here, but meet once more in the caves of the Garnites.

Kamil is instrumental in recruiting the Garnites and the Tangai to fight against Argon's forces. He appears to be killed himself in a fight with Argon's men in the Forgotten Region, but survives.

In Father of XornEdit

Kamil is in Atorg and leads a rebellion against Shardax. Later, when the Evil Tangai join the war, Kamil helps slay Jar. Near the end of the movie, in a duel with Shardax, both he and Shardax fall thousands of feet off a cliff and presumably die.


Kamil has a number of powers. These include the spell "Fok", which causes thunder and gathers attention. He can also use magic powder to give fires certain properties. He is also skilled at using his staff as a regular staff in combat.

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