XW UA Jar (c. 35 bX to 26 aX) is a Tangai and later the Gai of the Evil Tangai. He is known to be evil.

Early lifeEdit

Jar was born right before or right after the Wine Wars. Around 18 bX, he moved to the Underground City, where he began to rise through the ranks, become Gord's councilor by 10 bX.

In XornEdit

Jar was present when Xorn, Kamil, and the Garnites were attempting to secure an alliance with the Tangai. Jar spoke out vigorously against the alliance.


Jar started an uprising and formed the Evil Tangai in 21 to 22 aX. With 20,000 of the Evil Tangai, he went to Atorg, where he fought against the rebels in the War of Atorg. He was killed by one of Groc's sons during the war.


Jar is one of the two Tangai in Xorn whose name is given.