XW UA Gerber, Lok, and Burr are three minor Garnites in Xorn. They are notable for being Groc's three weakest men. As far as Garnites go, they are short and sickly.


Gerber (c. 30 bX to 0 aX) is a Garnite who appears in Xorn. He is one of Groc's three weakest men. His only appearance is during the few scenes where Xorn, Kamil, and Groc are attempting to recruit the Tangai as allies in the War against Argon. He is killed by the Tangai guards for being in the halls of the Underground City.


Lok (c. 30 bX to 0+ aX) appears in the same scenes as Gerber. He joins Xorn, Kamil, and Groc in the Tangai council.


Burr (c. 30 bX to 0+ aX appears in the same scenes as Gerber and Lok. He is one of the Garnites captured by the Tangai near the South Ridge.

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