XW GA The Garnites are a race in the Xorn universe. They play a major role in Xorn. They also have a lesser role in Son of Xorn and Father of Xorn.

Location and descriptionEdit

Garnites live in caves in the Mountain of Fear. They are pale and unable to tolerate direct sunlight. Thus, they never journey out in the daytime (until Xorn, where they do in fact travel and fight in daylight), but occasionally journey out in the night.


Garnites use Y-sticks as weapons. They enjoy the sport of lamp-locking. Their said recreational activities also include dancing and wrestling. There are at least several tens of thousands of Garnites, possibly more.

The Garnites historically hated the Tangai, but this ended when they fought together and Groc became their Gai.


The Garnites may have first entered the Mountain of Fear around 2000 to 1500 bX. They play a critical role in the War on Argon and are the first of the races in Xorn to seriously rise up against Argon in Xorn. Around 24 to 26 aX, a small force of Garnites (about 100 strong) fight against Shardax in Atorg.

List of garnitesEdit