XW FA The Forgotten Region is a region in the Xorn universe. It is mountainous and wooded. Most of the region is almost completely devoid of people, although the southern part of the region has some.


The Forgotten Region was first settled around 4400 bX, but has not been continuously settled. Skeletön, however, invaded in the mid-4th millennium bX, driving out the inhabitants. Following the fall of Skeletön around 3400 to 3100 bX, people slowly began to return to the Forgotten Region. By 2700 bX, a large empire spanned most of the forgotten region, but it disappeared over the course of only a few years or decades around 2100 bX, leaving behind only ruins. For thousands of years, the Forgotten Region was uninhabited, hence the name. However, around 170 bX, small groups of people began to inhabit southern Forgotten Region, mining gold and iron. When Argon rose to power around 25 to 20 bX, these people became Argon's army. Following the War on Argon, people began to inhabit the lower parts of the Forgotten Region, with most of the valleys recolonized by 200 aX.

Role in XornEdit

Kamil and Xorn (Xorn character) are ambushed by Argon's men while traveling through the Forgotten Region. Xorn later personally fights Argon there.


The Forgotten Region consists of a mountain range, which is possibly an eastern extension of the Garnites' mountain range. On the slopes of the mountains are thick and gloomy forests. Many of the mountains are higher than the clouds and some reach altitudes of 15,000 feet (although other mountain ranges, such as the Atorg Mountains, are probably higher). Most of the Forgotten Region is over a mile above sea level.

There are numerous stone ruins scattered throughout the Forgotten Region.

Like most regions in Xorn, the Forgotten Region is several hundred miles across, although slightly smaller than other neighboring regions.


The original residents of the Forgotten Region were from the north and west, but the newer residents were from the south and east. The Forgotten Region's population peaked around 300,000 to 400,000 in 2150 bX.