"Gerber, you dishonor me. Get out of here" -Groc
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XW GA The Forest of Thieves is a large region in the Xorn universe. It is a thick, dense forest hundreds of miles across. In the north, it borders Atorg, to the west in borders the Central Desert, to the southwest it borders Tangai country, a region of rolling grassland. The the south of the Forest of Thieves lies the Forgotten Region, a gloomy forest high in the mountains. To the east of the Forest of Thieves are the Wine Mountains and the Wine Lands.

The Forest of Thieves has a largely temperate climate, with warm summers and cool winters. It is largely coniferous. The forest is inhabited by Pygmies and wandering bands of thieves.

The Pygmies were the first people to arrive in the Forest of Thieves, migrating from the southeast around 3000 to 2500 bX. Hunter-gatherers from the north and west arrived later, around 2000 to 1600 bX. They gradually resorted to warring and stealing and became the thieves.

The thieves and pygmies lived in peace for thousands of years, until the Tangai empire began rising in the southeast. King Gor I pushed into the forest of thieves around 480 bX, but surrendered after 20 years of brutal fighting. The thieves and pygmies were also decimated by the invasion. They recovered, however, by 100 to 50 bX and began to grow powerful again. The pygmies, however, had their god slain in 0 bX and diminished within a century or two. The thieves, however, did not diminish, but they did not expand from their forest, either, as of 25 aX.