XW FA The Blade is a highly coveted sword in the Xorn universe. It is one of the most powerful known weapons in the Xorn universe, second perhaps only to wizard staffs.


The Blade is essentially built in the form of a switchblade. When the blade is resting inside the handle, it is termed "deactivated" and when it is extended, it is termed "activated". The Blade is equipped with a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry.

As stated above, the Blade is a very powerful weapon. It also holds some influence over whoever has it.


The Blade was originally forged in the mining region known as the Northern Mountains. The Bladestone, the ore from which the Blade was formed, was discovered by a young miner and was forged into the Blade in 36 bX. The Blade was given to the king of the region, but that night Skeletön rose and took the Blade. He then began a period of conquest that brings terror to the whole world.

In the end of the Wine Wars in 34 bX, Argon steals the Blade from Skeletön and kills Xorn with it. Before he can do anything else, the Guardian of the Blade tricks him into handing over the Blade and steals it herself. The Blade then sits in a chest in the Guardian's lair until 0 bX, when Xorn (Xorn character) takes it and uses it in his fight against Argon. The Blade is destroyed in the battle.

In c. 20 aX, Groc, then Gai of the Tangai, finds the pieces of the Blade and brings them to the Underground City. However, when the Evil Tangai rise up, they take the Blade and head northwards to Atorg with it. During the War of Atorg, Kamil, Xorn (Father of Xorn character), and Groc's sons steal the Blade pieces from Jar and reassemble the Blade with Kamil's powers. After the war, Xorn keeps the Blade until his death in c. 70 aX, when he is buried with it, possibly ending the bloody trail of stealing and killing for the weapon.