XW UA Barris (c. 80 to 70 bX to >=0 aX) is a Garnite. He is blind, but is the wise man of the Garnites.


Barris was injured in the eyes and rendered blind in his childhood, around 72 to 68 bX. Unable to fight in the Garnites' wars as a young man, he became the Garnite's wise man. He is able to understand a type of text similar to Braille.

It is possible that Barris himself at one point guessed the Sacred Riddle of the Panthai.


In Son of XornEdit

Barris appears in Son of Xorn.

In XornEdit

When Xorn, Kamil, and Gwen are captured by the Garnites, Kamil shouts the word "Cujonmora". This prompts Barris to read them the Sacred Riddle of the Panthai, which Xorn guesses correctly.

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