XW FAAtorg is one of the northernmost major regions in the Xorn universe. It was inhabited for at least 530 to 830 years total.


As far as regions in the Xorn universe go, Atorg was first settled fairly recently, about 500 to 800 years before Xorn (bX). The first settlers may have been hunter-gatherers who migrated to Atorg from the south. The land at first did not have a name, but around 300 years bX, a great king conquered the region and named it after himself. Starting around 140 bX, a series of weak kings allowed the evil wizard Shardax to gain power in eastern Atorg. Shardax conquered most of Atorg in 70 to 60 bX. No serious attempts at an uprising were made for many decades. However, within 5 years after Xorn (aX), Kamil arrived and started plotting an uprising (although he planned to do this since 0 aX, or maybe even before). It took a long time to have a large enough army to start the uprising. However, it did begin in 24 aX (see War of Atorg). Kamil's army was badly outnumbered from the start, and it only became worse when the Evil Tangai joined the war on Shardax's side late in 25 aX. However, the war was won by Kamil's army early in 26 aX. Xorn and his son were offered kingship of Atorg late in 26 aX, but both declined. Without a king, Atorg naturally reverted back to a collection of villages, but nothing is known about its history after 30 aX or so.


Atorg is grouped into three main regions. The southernmost region is a band of grassland where 80% of the people of Atorg live. North of the southernmost region is a range of low ridges, which separate southern Atorg from central Atorg. Central Atorg is a fairly narrow strip of barren, rocky plain. This is where Shardax's city is and where most of the War of Atorg takes place. North of this is a range of very high mountains, possibly some of the highest in the Xorn universe. North of the mountains is a frozen tundra that is unknown. At the northern edge of Atorg, the tundra simply gives way to a flat, snowy expanse.

People and citiesEdit

Atorg is home to a number of villages in the southern area. There is one city in the central region, which was built in 49 bX. Atorg's population is roughly 200,000 to 300,000 in 0 aX.

The people in Atorg are naturally pale as they live in the far north, and they usually wear furs.


Winters are bitterly cold everywhere in Atorg. However, it rarely snows (or rains) in central Atorg. It is milder in the summers in southern and central Atorg. There is some rain in southern Atorg.

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