XW GA Argon (51 to 0 bX) is a character in Son of Xorn and Xorn.


Argon was born to a tribe of roaming warriors in 51 bX. In 35 bX, he had a dispute with his father, the leader of the tribe, and killed him. He and the tribe then joined the forces of Skeletön and Argon quickly rose to be Skeletön's second-in-command. When Skeletön lost the Wine Wars, he fled south and east where he lived in the swampland for many years. Around 12 bX, he slipped northwest to the area south of the Forgotten Region and secretly began to raise an army. Around 9 to 8 bX, all hell broke loose in the west as Argon's army stormed through Garnite territory and the Central Desert, building a huge empire. In 0 bX, he attempted to attack Tangai country, but his army lost to an alliance of Tangai and Garnites. Argon himself was killed during single combat with Xorn in the Forgotten Region.

Other informationEdit

Argon is apparently very strong, judging by the fact that he can crush rocks with his bare hands. His main weapons are swords, although he is competent with a bow and arrow as well. It is possible that he had a relationship with the Guardian of the Blade at some point, but was betrayed, causing him to hate the Guardian to the point of wanting to kill her.

Argon is presumably childless.

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